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1 Hr Full Body Moroccan Bath
1hr 350 AED

Moroccan bath Abu-Dhabi in Wellness Spa gives you more than you can imagine, relaxation, mentally and physically, refreshment and more

During only 90 minuts, you can take your Moroccan bath , it's considered one of the most popular healthy habits for Arab people.

Don’t miss of such Moroccan bath Abu-Dhabi steps, like Moroccan bath and body scrub, Moroccan bath soap, and don’t forget getting wet and warm and more of Surprises.

  • Moroccan bath Abu-Dhabi plays a great role as follows:-
  • Moroccan bath In Wellness Spa has anti-aging properties.
  • It improves your blood circulation.
  • Moroccan bath and body scrub include many healthy, natural herbs.
  • Moroccan bath In Wellness Spa smoothens, whitens and moisturizes your skin and whole body.